3 Common Misconceptions About Tree Removal Services

A dying tree that needs removal may display various signs. You may notice the tree is shedding its twigs at an abnormal rate. A healthy tree will have strong branches and twigs that won't break off easily unless subjected to harsh weather conditions like strong winds and heavy rains. 

Also, if your tree's bark is peeling off, it could indicate that it is deficient in essential nutrients. The tree could have a severe infection that impedes the proper absorption of nutrients and water. Hence you may have to cut it down.

This article will discuss some common misconceptions about tree removal services.

You Should Wait for a Tree to Be Dead Before Removal

While a dying tree may still produce fruit or offer shade to protect you from the scorching sun, it may be a liability in the long term. The tree can lead to the spread of infection to other trees around. Also, the tree may harbor pests and bugs that can find their way into your home. For instance, you may have a termite infestation if part of the damaged tree is rotting. The termites can form a colony in the tree and then spread into your home. 

Dealing with a termite invasion is tricky since they can hide for a long time and wreak havoc in your home before you notice them. So, the sooner you eliminate a dying tree, the better. Moreover, a dying tree is a potential hazard as it can fall unexpectedly, putting your family at risk. Children and pets may climb or play with the tree, which weakens its structural support and puts them at risk.

You Don't Have to Remove the Stump

After tree removal, professionals recommend you get rid of the remaining stump. The stump can start sprouting, leading to the growth of unwanted vegetation on the structure. While painting the tree stump with herbicide can prevent the sprouts, it's better to remove it. 

Moreover, the stump can attract insects such as ants that might invade your home. The stump may grow fungus which can spread to other healthy trees and areas of your home. Moreover, if the stump is too short, people might not see it and trip on it while walking.

Tree Removal Will Leave an Ugly Spot in Your Home

Tree removal professionals won't just remove your dying tree and leave. They will ensure they properly cover up the hole left by the tree. Then, they will bury the sawdust from the tree in the hole and level up the ground with soil. The spot will look normal like the rest of your compound.

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