4 Things You May Want A Tree Service To Do For Your Yard

If you've neglected your property for a few years, you may wonder how you'll ever get it under control again. You may trim a few branches yourself and then realize what a big job it is and how quickly the debris builds up that you may have no way to get rid of.

A solution might be to hire a tree service. They can trim your trees and shrubs and put the debris through a chipper or haul it away. Here are some things you may want a tree service to do for you.

1. Elevate The Tree Branches

While a tree service can't actually elevate your trees, they can give your trees an elevated appearance by cutting off lower branches. When trees grow wild, the lower branches may grow toward the ground. You might even have some branches scraping the ground, your roof, or your car in the driveway.

By removing lower branches, they won't cause any harm when the wind blows and causes them to sway. You'll be able to walk in your yard without dodging branches, and more sunlight will reach your grass. It will also be more difficult for squirrels and other animal pests to use trees as paths to your roof when there are no low-hanging branches.

2. Remove Shrubs

Shrubs can quickly grow out of control. If you're tired of having to trim back your shrubs, or if you have a shrub that's taken over your yard with wild growth, you may want a tree service to take the shrub out. They can remove the entire shrub, including the stump, so you can plant something else in the space that doesn't grow as tall or wide.

3. Thin The Tree Canopy

Mature trees provide a lot of shade, but sometimes, they produce too much shade. If the walkways around your house or your patio are always covered in mold or algae, you may want the tree canopy thinned so more sunlight can reach the ground. Thinning removes some of the inner branches, but it doesn't affect the overall size or shape of your tree. You'll still have some shade, but you'll also have more sunlight that brightens your yard and keeps algae and mold at bay.

4. Remove Trees Near Your House

Trees that grow too close to your house can become big problems. Besides ruining your roof, the trees can be a fire hazard. They could even be a danger during a bad storm that causes a tree to fall on your roof. Trees some distance away can still provide shade if you want it.

However, you may want to take advantage of eliminating shade over your house to install solar panels on your home. Trees in the wrong places could interfere with your ability to make solar power, so removing the trees could have multiple benefits.

For more information about tree services, contact a local company, like Big Bend Tree Service LLC.

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