Things To Consider When You Want A Mature Tree Removed

If you have a mature tree in your yard that annoys you with too much shade or because it blocks your view, you probably wish it was gone. You can call a tree service professional to do the job since cutting down a large tree yourself is dangerous, but before you decide to cut down the tree yourself or hire a professional, here are some things to consider.

If Trees Are Protected In Your Area

If the tree is damaged, you can probably have it removed with no problems so it doesn't become a safety hazard. However, if the mature tree is healthy, it might be protected by your city or state, especially if it is a valuable or rare species. The first step in tree removal is to check your local codes. See if you're allowed to remove the tree and then see if you need a permit. Find out if there are regulations concerning the removal. For instance, you may be required to plant a new tree in another part of your yard to replace the one you had removed. Another question to have answered is if you can cut down the tree yourself. You may be required to hire a professional due to safety concerns for yourself and property.

If The Tree Can Be Trimmed Instead

If you're not allowed to cut down the tree or if you hate the thought of killing a healthy tree, then talk to the tree service about thinning, pruning, or trimming the tree. Professionals can remove the internal branches so that more light can filter through and reduce the amount of shade in your yard. If the tree is blocking your view, the service may be able to remove the bottom limbs to raise the level of the tree. If the tree can be pruned well enough you may get the results you're looking for when removing the tree is prohibited.

If The Tree Removal Service Will Take Out The Stump

Tree removal companies don't always remove the stump when they take down a big tree. If you don't want to pay extra to have the stump removed, then you can leave it in your yard. However, if it is in your front yard, it will be an eyesore for years until it decays. Stump removal is done by pulling out the stump or by grinding it up. Stump grinding is the preferred way because there is no huge chunk of wood to dispose of. Instead, it is ground up into sawdust so it disappears.

If You'll Hire A Professional

It's not a good idea to cut down a mature tree yourself unless you've had experience. That's because you need to know how the tree will react and if you've never done it before, you won't know the dangers to watch out for. When a tree is cut, the sections press together and create tremendous force. This can cause the tree to shoot out backward when you expect it to fall forward away from you. You can be seriously injured by a mature tree and the large chunks you cut off it, not to mention the dangers associated with using a chainsaw on a ladder or up in a tree. Not only that, if the tree falls the wrong way, you could drop a limb on your roof or a neighbor's fence and create more trouble and expense for yourself.

If you're not sure what to do about the big tree in your yard that annoys you, then call a tree service  and ask for advice. A professional will find a solution to your problem so you can enjoy your yard the way you want to.

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