Reusing Tree Waste For Landscaping Materials And Exterior Renovation Projects

When you have tree trimming or a removal done, you will have a lot of waste to deal with. Having the waste hauled off is one options, but you may also want to consider solutions that recycle the waste for things like landscaping renovations. Here are some ideas that will help you repurpose tree waste for landscaping projects for greener waste removal solutions:

1. Using Raw Branches and Large Waste for Rustic Landscaping Timbers

Raw materials like branches and medium-sized trunks are an ideal resource to use for landscaping timber. When you use these materials on the ground, you will want to hew them, which is the process of removing the bark. Giving them a coat of sealant will also help ensure they last for many years. This material is ideal to use for things like retaining walls, boarders and stairs in your landscaping. They raw tree waste materials will help your landscaping have a rustic design that blends in well with the surroundings.

2. Mulching the Waste to Reuse for Groundcover or Compost Materials

Wood chippers are handy tools that you can buy, rent or barrow from a tree service to deal with waste. The tree service will often be able to provide the service for you to mulch materials for you to use in landscaping. The larger materials that you mulch will be ideal for the groundcover in areas like flowerbeds. Other smaller materials will be a good solution for adding more material to compost containers.

3. Using Straight Tree Waste to Create Landscaping Structures and Features

When you have a tree removal done, you may want to consider saving the straightest materials for more detailed projects. Straight tree waste materials are a good solution for things like fencing and other structures around your landscaping. If you want to have a rustic fence, you can use the materials to create timber fencing. If you want to have seats, large trunks are a good resource to cut out chairs, sofas or tables from the waste materials. Make sure that these materials are sealed and kept off the ground to slowdown the process of the wood decomposing.

These are some ideas that will help you deal with the leftover tree waste around your home and reuse it in your landscaping projects. If you need help with maintenance or removal of trees, contact a tree service and talk with them about helping you to recycle the materials that are left behind. 

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