4 Instances You Might Need Urgent Tree Removal Services

Most homeowners don't like to deal with situations that need urgent interventions. If you have leaning or dead trees near your house, you should take proactive measures to avoid injuries and accidents. Sometimes tree removal specialists recommend removing the entire tree to restore safety in your home. While you could wait for regular tree care services, some situations cannot wait. Here's how to determine whether you need urgent tree removal services. 

1. Sudden Tree Slanting 

Trees may bend over to one side after floods or intense storms. This means you could be one storm away from a catastrophe, especially if the tree leans dangerously toward your house. Leaving a leaning tree unaddressed puts your family, neighbors, and property at risk. Therefore, contact specialists to cut the tree before it falls, injuring someone, or damaging property. 

2. Weak Roots 

There are several reasons why a tree might have unreliable root systems. Firstly, heavy downpours may cause extensive soil erosion around your tree's roots. As a result, your tree will lack enough anchoring support and may fall when least expected. Root decay and fungus growth around the roots show that your tree may have internal decay. Without strong root systems, the tree has a short time before it gives in and falls. Therefore, you need an expert to assess the situation and prepare for a removal service. Removing the tree on time can help protect your property from damage and prevent accidents. 

3. Dead Tree 

Sometimes the early signs of a dying tree are not obvious. Unfortunately, when you can't revive a dying tree, you'll have no option but to remove it. Major signs of a dead tree include a hollow trunk, extensive wounds, peeling barks, and falling limbs. The dead tree may fall unexpectedly, which is why it is risky to have such a tree around your house. 

4. You Want to Sell Your Home

Dead, unsightly, and leaning trees can drastically reduce your property's value. Before listing your house for sale, consider removing all problematic trees around your property. A tidy and well-kept landscape attracts more interest from home buyers. It also boosts your home's value. If you plan to sell your property and have dead trees around, seek timely tree services. You will sell the property quickly and at a better price. 

Once you realize that a tree needs to be removed, call an arborist for tree removal services. Timely tree removal prevents accidents and injuries. It also helps you avoid medical bills and repair costs associated with injuries or property damage.

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