Top Amateur Tree Trimming Mistakes Common Among DIY-Ers

Trimming helps to improve both the appearance and health of your tree. To enjoy these benefits, it is best to hire professional tree trimming services instead of doing it yourself. Unfortunately, some DIY mistakes can leave your tree not looking its best and, worse, negatively affect its health. The most common among these, include the following.

1. Using the Wrong Tools

You may not think too much of it and pick any shears, but tree trimming services professionals know that there are shears specially made for this tree maintenance task. In addition to picking the wrong shears, you may not consider their sharpness or age.

Unfortunately, using the wrong tools may hurt your tree. Cuts made with duller sheers may not be as clean as with sharper shears, and you will put undue stress on the tree. Should you need to make several attempts at cutting the branches owing to the dullness of the shears, you may leave behind a wound.

2. Not Sanitizing Trimming Tools

Hire tree trimming services professionals, and you will see them rubbing alcohol or any other sanitizing agent on the shears. This is because sanitizing the tools can help to prevent the growth and spread of infectious and disease-causing bacteria and fungi.

Unfortunately, this is a step you may skip as an uninformed DIY-er. An infected tree may take longer to heal, and in the worst case, the tree may even die due to disease.

3. Too Little or Too Much Trimming

Striking the right balance and avoiding under-trimming and over-trimming is crucial. Trim inadequately, and you may remove enough of the tree weight for better health or enough of the infested branches to prevent the infection from spreading. On the other hand, over-trimming will expose too much of your tree to possible infection, and there may not be enough left for the tree to structurally support itself.

Certified arborists offering professional tree trimming services will thoroughly assess your tree and determine how much to trim. Experts will know to trim just the right amount for your tree's benefit.

4. Wrong Timing

You may think to trim your tree at any time of the year based on its appearance. Tree trimming services experts, however, understand the importance of scheduling your trimming at the right time. By trimming your tree at the wrong time of the year, you risk attracting seasonal insects that may cause disease. Similarly, timing that is off may stunt the growth of your flowers and fruits.

Leave It to the Pros

Always hire professionals for all your tree trimming services and needs. This way, you can avoid the highlighted DIY mistakes which would otherwise affect the results.

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