Why Renting Large Equipment For Tree Jobs Is Beneficial To Your Tree Service Company

As a tree service company owner, you may face many large jobs now and then. If you're turning these jobs down because you don't have the equipment to complete them, you're doing your company and your customers a disservice. For example, if a customer job requires you to get a crane rental and you pass on the opportunity because you neither own or know how to operate a crane, you lose out on a large job and your customer will go elsewhere. Renting large equipment is a great way to not only meet the needs of your clients, but keep you in business. Here are reasons why you should quit passing up those large tree jobs when they require bucket trucks, cranes, or other large equipment.

You can pass any rental costs on to your customers

When you rent large equipment for your tree services company, you pay for the entire rental typically upon return of the equipment. This is done to ensure you're charged for the appropriate time of usage. Get an anticipated rental cost for your tree services bucket truck rental and other rentals and include these costs in the bid you give your customers. Your customers anticipate paying for the use of heavy equipment machinery to complete their yard work needs, and it does not matter to them whether the equipment you use is owned or rented by you so long as the job gets done efficiently and safely.

You can take on more customers and work

If you're limiting the amount of work you take on or sending potential clients to other tree services companies because you don't have a crane operator or other essential needs to do larger jobs, then you're doing your company a disservice. Crane rentals usually come with a crane operator or the means to get one, which means you can complete those larger jobs more easily and open up your company to larger tree service jobs in the future. When you rent equipment and heavy machinery for your tree service company, you get the insurance of the rental company to help cover and protect you while you use equipment on your jobs. You also are helping to support another company and an equipment rental company will continue to work with you so long as you rent often and pay on time. If you're unsure what crane to rent for your business, your equipment rental company will help you choose what's best for your needs.

For more information on crane rentals, contact a large equipment rental service in your area. 

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