Keeping Trees When Planning A Land Excavation For A New Home

Are you planning to build a new home on land that is undeveloped? If so, you will likely need to acquire tree removal and land excavation services. Some future homeowners assume that all of the trees at the location have to be removed. If the trees on the land are determined to be trees with invasive tree roots, it might be best to remove them. This is because trees with invasive tree roots seek out water, and the roots can extend great distances. These types of trees can wreak havoc on plumbing systems and paved surfaces. However, it is possible to perform excavation and leave select trees implanted. The following points identify why you might want to consider keeping some of the original properties on your new land. 

Better Drainage

Tree roots thrive in moisture-rich conditions. Choosing to leave mature trees implanted could help with potential drainage issues. Water will naturally seep into the disturbed soil from the excavation. The challenge of draining excess water that creates a muddy mess can be remedied by leaving some trees undisturbed. The excavation team may determine that it is a good idea to leave trees that are further away from the intended home foundation intact and remove them at the end of the construction.

Environmental Benefits

Trees aid in reducing air pollution. The average construction site has high levels of pollutants due to the equipment and processes used. Trees are a habitat for different types of animals. You likely do not want pests to be attracted to your cleared land. However, there are some animals and wildlife that are not predatory.


Some mature trees are beautiful. If you identify a tree that captures your attention, you can confer with the excavation team to determine if the removal is necessary. It is possible for a potentially problematic tree to be uprooted and replanted in a different area during the lot excavation. The building plans and type of tree will be determining factors in whether or not this is an option.

A services company is a good resource to use to identify the types of trees on the land. They can assist with the land excavation and determine which trees could pose a threat to the integrity of your new home's foundation and plumbing system. They can use blueprints and other information. If you want to plant new trees, they can also help plan that project. Reach out to a land excavation service to learn more.

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