3 Reasons To Send Your Tree Stump Packing

Trees are valued parts of most residential landscapes. Unfortunately, a tree that has been cut down due to disease or decay will leave behind a stump. Stumps might not seem like a major issue, but they can pose a real problem when they remain unaddressed in your yard.

It's time to send any stumps present on your property packing by calling in a professional who specializes in the removal of stumps.

1. Minimize Injuries

A stump can be more than just an eyesore; it can pose a serious safety hazard to anyone who enters your yard. Most homeowners have figured out how to navigate around any stumps that might be on their property, but children and pets can have a hard time figuring out where stumps are located.

Any adult guests who spend time in your outdoor living space are also at risk of sustaining a serious injury when coming across an unexpected stump. You don't want someone to run into the stump and fall, so have it removed before it can contribute to a serious injury.

2. Improve Yard Maintenance

A picturesque landscape doesn't come easily. Homeowners spend a significant amount of time maintaining the landscape around their homes. You must mow the lawn regularly, pull out any weeds, and keep tree branches trimmed in order to preserve the aesthetic of your yard.

A stump can make completing basic maintenance tasks a real challenge. You will have to navigate around the stump carefully each time that you mow, adding to the amount of time it takes to complete this chore. Having the stump removed will make it easier to give your yard the attention it needs to remain well maintained over time.

3. Prevent Rogue Growth

A tree stump might not be dead. Many stumps still have a healthy root system that can begin looking for new areas in which to sprout once the primary canopy of a tree has been cut down. If you look closely at the area around your stump, you may see some small shoots that resemble thin branches with leaves.

These suckers can become quite invasive, and they are difficult to get rid of. Having a stump removed before the root system has an opportunity to send suckers to the surface will save you money and prevent rogue tree growth from taking over your landscape.

There are many reasons to invest in professional stump removal. Contact a tree specialist today to ensure the stumps on your property don't become a problem in the future.

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