3 Easily Overlooked Signs That You Need to Get Rid of Your Tree

Do you have a large tree in your yard? Are you wondering if the tree needs to be cut down? Although nice to look at, large trees can also be a serious hazard to your home and to the surrounding property as they near the end of their lifespan. And the larger a tree is, the more dangerous it can be when it starts to die. But it can be hard for the average person to tell when a tree needs to be removed, so here are some warning signs that you should be watching for:

Limb shedding: It's normal for a tree to lose a limb or two in a heavy storm, though this can be minimized with regular professional tree trimming. But as a tree starts to die, you may notice more limbs falling for no particular reason. If your tree drops branches on a regular basis even when there is no wind, snow, or another weather factor, your tree likely is either dying or is a particularly shed-prone tree. Both of these options can be a reason for concern, and you should consider tree removal as the next logical step. 

Fungal growth: In general, most mushrooms and other fungi are not going to grow on a tree that is alive and healthy. Most fungi either cannot grow on living wood or will infect and kill off a tree that is still alive. Either way, seeing mushrooms growing out of your tree, even if just out of the roots, can potentially be a sign that your tree will not live for much longer. In order to confirm this, it's important to consult with a tree professional to find out if tree removal is necessary or if there is actually nothing to be concerned about in this situation.

Tree species: Some trees, such as oak, can potentially live for hundreds of years. Other tree varieties have much shorter lives. Even though a tree may only be a few decades old, it's entirely possible that it's considered an old specimen of its species and that tree removal is in your near future. Fruit trees often have shorter lifespans, as do many of the smaller ornamental trees. Larger trees tend to grow more slowly and have harder wood, making them stronger and less prone to environmental damage. A smaller tree with softer or more brittle wood is going to be damaged more easily and die much more quickly.

Call a tree removal service for more information or assistance.

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