Four Tree Related Issues That A Certified Arborist Can Help You With

If you love trees, then one number that should never miss in your phonebook is the number of a certified arborist. Such a professional will come in handy at every stage of life of your trees. Here are some of the specific things an arborist can help with:

Tree Planting

Planting a tree is as easy as digging a hole and inserting the seedling in it, right? Wrong! There is more to planting a tree than that; to get a healthy and strong tree from your seedling, you also need to:

  • Choose the right species for your area
  • Leave adequate spacing from other trees and infrastructure such as utility lines
  • Dig a hole of the right depth
  • Feed the tree the right fertilizer
  • Identify healthy seedlings

Considering all these, it's clear that some expertise is needed for proper tree planting.


Pruning or trimming is a natural part of tree care. You need to trim your trees to maintain their beautiful shape and appearance, to ensure they are safe (for example, by getting rid of weak limbs), and to ensure they grow up healthy. This is only possible if the pruning is properly handled; in fact, the wrong pruning techniques can even end up harming the tree. For example, you need to know when to trim the tree, which branches to remove, where to make the pruning cuts or even the number of branches to remove.

Emergency Tree Care

There are also cases where you may need emergency tree care from a tree services professional. Emergency care may either be needed to save a tree, remove a tree or determine whether a tree should be removed or saved. For example, if a storm has damaged some of your trees or left some trees with exposed roots, you need to work fast to save those that can be saved and remove those that are a danger to you or other people.

Productivity Boost    

Having an arborist care for your trees can also help you improve their productivity. Whether you want to grow the trees for shade, timber or for their fruits, you need them healthy and strong. An arborist will ensure the trees get all the nutrients they need, grow up strong and are free of diseases.

As you can see, tree professionals have much to offer tree owners. Therefore, if you haven't identified an arborist yet, it's time to evaluate the ones in your area and pick one you can trust.

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