3 Landscaping Design Themes For Care-Free, Low-Maintenance Exterior

Caring for your landscaping often means that you need to mow the lawn, water plants and trim trees. There is always going to be some maintenance that needs to be done, but with good landscaping design, you will be able to greatly reduce the maintenance that needs to be done. Here are some landscaping theme ideas for reducing the maintenance of your landscaping:

1. Desert Landscaping for a Drought-Tolerant Theme

The most hardy and low-maintenance landscaping theme that you can do for your home is a desert theme. The plants that are found in the desert are also native to many areas of North America. For example, the prickly pear cactus is found throughout the South, and it is a great choice for desert theme landscaping. There are also many other hardy native plants that can be used in a desert landscaping theme, which will be low-maintenance and drought-tolerant. You may want to consider trees that are found in desert landscapes, such as mesquite or desert willow. There are also many grasses that are native to southwestern deserts, which are great for drought-tolerant landscaping designs.

2. Natural Native Plants for A Hardy Landscaping Theme

There are also native plants that can be good for landscaping themes. If you live anywhere in North America, there are wild plants like azaleas and mountain laurels that are great to give landscaping color. To add more color to borders around paths and flowerbeds, use native grasses. The benefit of using plants that are native to your region is that they are hardy and will be resistant to the climate where you live, as well as require very little maintenance. If you want to have vines for privacy, native American species are great, but they need care and they will not have foliage during the winter months.

3. Rocks and Hardscaping for A Waterless Landscaping Theme     

If you want to have a landscaping theme that is completely maintenance-free, using a theme with hardscaping and rock gardens is a great solution. Consider using large boulders for your rock garden; you can use artificial rocks if you do not have enough available. Use retaining walls and other features to give your landscaping character. If you do use any plants, use plants that need very little care.

These are some landscaping theme ideas that you will want to consider for a low-maintenance landscape design. Contact a professional landscaping service to get help with some of these theme ideas for your own landscaping projects. 

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