Advantages Of Buying Firewood From Your Local Tree Service

Any homeowner who needs to buy firewood to fuel a fireplace inside the home has a multitude of buying options to consider. From local people selling small bunches of firewood to businesses selling cut wood by the cord, you should add one another vendor to your list of considerations. Some tree services are also in the firewood business — which makes sense, given the amount of wood they cut down in a day's work. If you have a tree service in your community that sells firewood, it's worth investigating. You'll find that these advantages are present when you buy from your local tree service.

The Wood Is Local

It can be risky to introduce non-local firewood to your yard. If the wood was chopped from a forest in a different part of the country or even elsewhere in the world, it could be carrying insects or diseases that may threaten the trees in your yard. For example, imported wood could be contaminated with beetles that aren't native to the United States, which could cause an infestation in your community and beyond — and cause enough damage that you'll soon be calling the tree service to remove the tree in question. When you buy firewood from your local tree service, you can have confidence that it's local and thus safe to store.

You Know What You're Getting

If you don't have a vast amount of knowledge about firewood, it's easy to fall victim to an unscrupulous dealer selling bags of random wood out of his or her truck in an area parking lot. When you buy from a tree service, you'll know exactly what you're getting, given the fact that the tree service is an expert in this field. You want hardwood for burning — woods such as maple, ash, and elm are all hardwoods that will burn for a long time and provide plenty of heat. Softwoods such as cedar and pine have value, but not in the same manner as hardwood.

You Can Get Large Amounts Delivered

Because a tree service typically has a fleet of vehicles, you can often order a large amount of wood and have a truck deliver it to you. This isn't always the case when you shop with other sellers, who may not have the means to deliver their wood. You don't want to be taking trip after trip between your house and the seller with a trunk full of wood. When you choose a tree service, you'll have a load dropped off in your driveway at an agreed-upon time.

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