Keeping Ticks Under Control

Are there always ticks on your dog no matter how much you attempt to keep them under control? If there are other dogs or animals living near your house, it is possible that they are the reason why your dog has a problem with ticks. If your neighbors are not in the habit of getting their animals treated for ticks, the pests might be crawling into your yard and attaching to your dog.

You can't make your neighbors get their pets treated, but there are other things that can be done to resolve the problem. Below, you will learn about things that can be done to get rid of your dog's ticks without worrying about them coming back in an untimely manner.

Regularly Take Your Dog to a Veterinarian

If you want to keep ticks off of your dog, it is wise to start taking him or her to a vet on a regular basis. The vet will be able to thoroughly examine your dog and take action anytime that ticks are present. A vet will be able to prescribe medication or suggest tick control products that can be purchased in stores. You will also be able to get your dog bathed in a medicated shampoo that can control the ticks. The products that a vet has access to for controlling ticks are more potent than what the general stores have,

Put a Fence Around Your Yard to Keep Animals Out

It is very important to keep animals out of your yard so you can prevent ticks from getting on your dog. It is in your best interest to invest in a fence. Make sure it is installed around the entire perimeter of your house. If you get a fence, check the areas of the ground that it is installed in every now and then to make sure one of your neighbors pets hasn't dug any holes in an attempt to get into your yard. A wooden privacy fence is ideal for the backyard, while a chain link fence might be the best option for the front of your house.

Get Your Yard Exterminated to Kill Ticks

The bad thing about ticks is that they can crawl around in the grass and on trees without your knowledge. Invest in getting your yard exterminated for ticks in case there are a lot of them present on your property. An exterminator can basically spray chemicals around your yard to kill the ticks. Consider getting the yard treated on a regular basis, especially if your neighbors have pets.

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