Only Hire A Tree Service If It Can Offer These Pieces Of Equipment

When you need a hand trimming or cutting down one or more of the trees in your yard, a logical solution is to call a local tree service. It's advantageous to do some research to ensure that you're hiring a true professional, rather than someone who simply owns a saw and a ladder and does cut-rate work for homeowners. There are many ways to tell that the tree service you're considering hiring is a professional one — often, perusing the company's website will give you an idea of the company's professionalism. One way to assess a company's professionalism is to ask what equipment it will use to address your needs. Here are three pieces of equipment that a legitimate tree service will have.

Bucket Truck

Not every tree can be trimmed or cut down with the help of a ladder or even by climbing tree. To address every customer's needs, professional tree services will have one or more bucket trucks in their fleet. With this vehicle, a cutter can sit in the bucket while another tree service crew member controls the arm and bucket and lifts the cutter into position. The cutter can then trim the tree from inside the bucket, allowing the limbs to fall — or lowering them with ropes — so that he or she isn't in danger.

Brush Chipper

You don't want to hire someone who will cut down your tree for you, collect your money, and then leave. It's a hassle to deal with a downed tree yourself, so you should only hire a professional tree service that has a brush chipper. This heavy-duty tool is typically towed behind the bucket truck and will often be parked on the street in front of your house. As the limbs are cut off the tree, crew members will feed them into the brush chipper to dispose of the tree as quickly as it is cut down.

Stump Grinder

Professional tree services can do more than just cut limbs off trees. They'll also grind down the stump that remains after a tree is removed; a handyman type who advertises tree work may leave the stump intact. Make sure that the tree service you hire had a stump grinder that is transported to each job. The investment in this machine not only shows the tree service's professional nature, but also ensures that you'll be happy with the tidy end result after the crew leaves.

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