How To Remove A Stump To Plant Lawn

If your new house has a large tree stump in the front yard that's right in the middle of where you want to plant a lawn, then you have a large removal project ahead of you. While removing a tree stump requires some physical labor, grinding it out with a stump grinder will save you a ton of time and backache. 

To remove the stump in your front yard, follow this procedure:

Step 1: Dig Around the Tree Stump with a Shovel

Before you can grind out the stump, first you need to dig a large hole around the base of it. Use a shovel and remove all of the dirt and rocks for at least a couple of feet around the stump's base. Dig down about a foot to give yourself plenty of room to cut off the roots.

Step 2: Cut the Large Roots with a Chainsaw or Axe

Using a chainsaw, or an axe if you do not have one, cut through all of the stump's large roots. Once you have finished doing so, then you need to cut off the top of the stump so that it is level with the ground. The more of the stump's height that you remove, then the less grinding you will have to do.

Step 3: Grind Out the Stump with the Grinder

Using a rented stump grinder, grind out the stump. Move around the stump and work from the outside in as you are grinding. Keep grinding until you have removed the stump well below the grade.

Step 4: Remove and Recycle the Wood Chips 

Since many species of wood are not compatible with growing lawn, remove all of the wood chips you generate while stump grinding. You can recycle the wood chips in your compost pile or use them as mulch in flower beds. 

 Step 5: Fill the Hole with Soil

You need to fill in the hole in your front yard before you can plant grass. Using soil from another place on your property or from the garden center, fill in the hole. Walk over the soil to compact it in place and add more soil as necessary.

Finally, you must let the new soil sit out in the elements for at least a month before you plant your lawn. If you do not wait for the soil to settle, then your new lawn will develop low spots.

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