Looking To Get Lots Of Shade? Consider Removing A Tree That Is Currently Growing

Maintaining your landscape means doing what you can to keep all the plants alive. It is the goal of most homeowners to have a yard that is full of green leaves and blooming flowers. But you may have a different goal in mind and that is getting your landscape to provide enough shade for outdoor activities. This could mean relaxing with a book, playing with your kids, or hanging out in an uncovered patio that you build. If you have a tree that has been growing steadily for the past few years and stayed healthy, the idea of removing it may not cross your mind. But if the tree is in the way of accomplishing your goal, you should get started with the process of removing it so that you can plant another one soon and have it grow. Here's why.

Not Enough Potential

With your main goal of getting shade, your current tree may struggle in this category. It could be that the tree is not going to provide you with enough shade coverage to satisfy your needs. Sure, it might get better over the next few years, but knowing the tree should tell you about how much it will end up growing. So you should remove this kind of tree and start searching for one that will give you lots of coverage.

Lack of Bushiness

Another factor that can prevent a tree from being the tree that provides most of the shade for a certain part or all the yard is bushiness. For instance, the crabapple tree might look great and provide you with lovely flowers, but this is not a tree that you can rely on for giving you exceptional shade. It may be an option to transplant a tree like this to another part of the yard depending on its stage of growth.

Slow Growing

A healthy tree in its youth could be growing for quite a few years before it becomes a great shade tree. So, even if you have a tree that may give you more than enough shade in the future, you should not have to wait ten years or longer when you are looking to enjoy the backyard as soon as possible. In this case, you are also best off removing the tree and searching for a native one that grows at a quick rate.

Removing a tree might seem counterproductive, but it can speed up the process of creating shade. Visit websites like http://www.chudytreeservice.com to learn more.

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