5 Reasons To Have Your Trees Trimmed Regularly

Many homeowners ignore the trees on their property until something goes majorly wrong, like a tree dies or a large branch crashes into their roof or a window. A much wiser approach is to practice regular maintenance on your trees just like you would for any other component of your home and property. Having your trees trimmed once or twice a year by a professional tree services company, like Sherman Oaks Tree Service, has many benefits and can save you money and headaches in the long run. Here are five reasons to have your trees trimmed regularly:

Regular Trimming Means Healthier Trees

Having your trees trimmed on a regular basis keeps them much healthier for a variety of reasons. Dead branches and limbs should be removed promptly because if their death was caused by a pest or illness, removing the dead areas helps protect the rest of the tree and also helps prevent the disease from spreading to other trees in your yard.

Trimming your trees also prevents overcrowded branches, which allows sunlight and air to flow and circulate to the entire tree, enhancing the tree's overall health and allowing it to grow properly. Plus, the more often your professional tree services company inspects and trims your trees, the more quickly they will spot any tree illness, disease, or unwanted pests so that you can remedy the problem before more damage is done or you lose the tree.  

Trimming Branches Protects Your Home

Dead, overgrown branches fall off of trees way too easily during high winds and storms. These branches can break windows, crash into your roof, or even damage your car or fall onto a neighbor's property. By having your trees trimmed on a regular basis you will help prevent this from happening, saving you time, money, and hassle spent on costly repairs.

Tree Trimming Keeps Pests Away

Pests like squirrels, mice, and raccoons love overgrown trees. This is because they can not only make homes inside dead branches, but can also use those overly long branches as an easy access point to your roof and attic. Small pests can do a lot of expensive damage to your roof and attic in a short time, including chewing through your electrical wiring, breeding inside your attic, and destroying roof shingles and insulation. Helping to prevent this by keeping trees neatly trimmed back is definitely the best and most proactive approach.

Trimmed Trees Boost Your Curb Appeal

Trees and other landscaping add a lot of beauty to your property and can even boost your home value, but these effects are nullified if your trees are unkempt and overgrown. Regular trimming to remove dead branches, give a more neat and tidy appearance, and shape your trees will make your entire property look much more appealing, and ensure that your lovely home is actually visible through all of the foliage.

Trimmed Trees Can Increase Your Home Security

Some criminals find overgrown, neglected trees very appealing. They provide hiding places for burglars and may even give them an easy way to climb into an upper story window. Plus, if your lawn is unkempt it can give the overall impression that you don't pay much attention to your property and are therefore less likely to be vigilant in protecting your home against break-ins. Trimming your trees provides better visibility and makes your home less attractive to those who are up to no good.

Tree maintenance is an easy and affordable way to take better care of your property. By having your trees professionally pruned and trimmed on a regular basis, you will help protect both your trees and your home.

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